Temescal Writers


February 6, 2018


Dear Friends,


After long consideration, I’ve decided to let go of leading writing workshops. It’s become clear to me that this change is necessary now in my life.


Thus, to those of you who have attended the Workshop over the past two decades as participants, I want to let you know how much I have appreciated your involvement in Temescal Writers, your commitment to the Workshop and to your own writing. My heart is full with the memories I have of your writing voices, how they blossomed aloud in the group (and at readings) and on paper in Waterfall and in other print and online publications. I’ve heard from many of you, sometimes long after you left the Workshop, and feel grateful and proud that your participation has fostered your continued growth as writers and poets.


Joan Marie WoodFor everyone who sees this notice, I wish for you the best possible supportive community for your writing and your creative life. Twenty-one years was a good, solid ride for Temescal Writers. Amherst Writers & Artists workshops in our area, such as Green Windows, led by Peggy Simmons in Oakland, and the one led by Eanlai Cronin in Alameda, as well as others, are flourishing, valuable resources. Do check them out.


Warm wishes,
Joan Marie Wood


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